About Us

We’ve been making pickles for five generations

Making pickles is in our blood.  When our family began making pickles in the early 1900’s, our goal was to make the highest quality pickle at a competitive price.  Today, our goal remains the same.  The use of automated packaging equipment, direct contact with growers across America, and the buying power of the market leaders enables Gielow Pickles to accomplish our goal.

We look forward to being your pickle, pepper, sauerkraut, and relish partner.

Our History

Gielow Pickles has been the packer of Cool Crisp™ refrigerated dill pickles since 1970.  The Gielow family has been making pickles for five generations and were the original founders of Aunt Janes Pickles in the early 1900s.  Their commitment to making a quality product at a competitive price has been their cornerstone of success.  Today, Gielow Pickles is one of the leaders in the manufacturing of refrigerated pickles for the food service industry.

It’s all about the cucumber!

At Gielow Pickles quality starts with the cucumber.  We work with only the finest growers in the best cucumber growing regions.  All of our growers use the same seed variety to ensure a uniform size and quality cucumber.  Our advanced produce handling techniques and express trucking ensues that we are using only the freshest cucumbers.